Juggling Video

November 15, 2009






Sequences!   Over the past week, I have been learning how to handle story telling using dynamic vantage points and sequencing. The idea here is to attack each moment from multiple angles with cutaways and details to help with the transitions needed in the editing process.  I think the “eyes” of the average media consumer have become conditioned to seeing a wide range of quality when it comes to video and film work.   I have been paying closer attention to broadcast news and reality show programming.  There is so much content that isn’t steady, often abusing panning movements at the same time.  I wonder how much I noticed or even cared about this before and what the online user demands today.  It seems we are seeing more and more average video work online especially with some “news” sites throwing up “raw” unedited footage.   This is so counter to what the academic world is trying to teach us.   Does the average user coming to their computer for a limited amount of time each day even appreciate the higher quality of work that many serious multimedia students want to produce?  Or is this polished work only catering to the professional insiders who find it important?

I registered today for the Spring semester with an interesting mix of classes:  multimedia editing, fashion/portrait photography, and documentary production.  These challenges will surely round out my video and photography skills; I am excited by the possibilities of each class; yet, I remain a bit apprehensive about finding strong stories to tell.   It is quite the undertaking trying to find subjects that are relevant, timely, visual, and accessible.   I am also trying to build a strong portfolio which makes this process even more stressful.

My other related dilemma is whether or not I should try to finalize my master’s program by the end of June versus coming back for one more semester in the Fall.   The additional semester will no doubt help me a great deal; however, time away from the work force and money are big factors to consider at this point.    All of this work is an investment, yet my student loans have reached frightening levels.   As of today, I am planning a summer exit.  Advice?


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