Who Am I?

September 19, 2009


Who am I?

How often do any of us really take the time to stop and ponder this?   The wonders of the academic world have forced me to examine this question though my imagination and through the tools of my trade.

I was assigned an autobiography audio slideshow project this past week and it sent me on a difficult journey.  Just finding a starting point was a battle as I tried to zero in on a story that was worthy of visual exploration.  I hopped on a plane to Fire Island thinking friends and nature would inspire me.   I think I just fell deeper into confusion and it was especially difficult trying to remain focused on a care-free island.    Oddly, I felt very alone since asking for help doesn’t come easy to me.  I’d rather document the story in front of me rather than illustratively examine myself.

The process taught me more about story telling, the amount of content needed to produce multimedia pieces, and the notion of digging deeper to move beyond the literal.

Throughout this project, I have wrestled with my ever-present desire to have all my work be stellar.  I can see that it is not in this case.   There are glimmers of interesting ideas and a few successes here and there.   I know we learn in our weaker, more vulnerable moments, but that realization doesn’t make it any easier.

I do know I will grow and become the kind of multimedia journalist I want to be.  I am ready to step into my greatness.  I want to leave behind all that holds me back and all who choose to break down rather than lift up.

I want to make a difference.


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