Embracing Audio

September 8, 2009

Have you had your awakening moment?

I remember having mine in Louisville, Kentucky.  I was attending the NPPA’s Multimedia Immersion course which consisted of a week of training in multimedia through exercises and presentations by industry professionals.    I had been working as a photo editor for many years and I knew I needed to start investigating what all the fuss was about concerning “multimedia.”

The moment came when I produced a slideshow on a local personality and I gathered audio for the first time.   I was surprised how the audio lifted the photo essay to new heights of communication and brought in extra layers of personality, feeling, and connection.  I had been taking for granted all the online examples of packaged stories, digesting them as a general consumer, but not truly getting it.    Basically, I needed to be a part of the creative process, break down each “hunting” stage in regards to getting the content, assemble the show together, and see the story take flight right then and there based on my own efforts and choices.  I thought “wow” – such beauty in the process, such power in the potential, such responsibility in getting it right….

I think many photo editors don’t give up on that love of being the “creator” – it is something that has brought me back to school.   I am searching for a way to return to this process and maintain my passion. I am sure motivation and inspiration will be topics for future postings.




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